Good morning, I just got back from a trip around the block walking and jogging (more walking and huffing and puffing than jogging). I am currently waiting on the coffee to get finished and I wanted to start writing a blog. For those who do not know me, my name is Trinity Mealor. My sweet family consists of my wife and ROCK Kristen Mealor and my wonderful son Trinity Jr. (Little T). They live in Georgia while I work here in Tennessee! I am forever grateful to their sacrifice over the past few months. Honey Bunny is what I call Kristen and she has been the most supportive and patient person in my life. She is always there to encourage me in whatever decision I need to make. There are not enough words to compliment this woman and what she means to me. Little T is just AMAZING. Everyone always says their kids are this or that, well I’m just like everyone he is the BEST….sorry there is a reason for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th place!

I have never even read a blog but these crazy kids I work with encouraged me to start writing a blog. So, in true Trinity form I am just jumping in. I will get better at a more traditional blog flow in time. So here is a little bit about what I have been doing.

I am the CEO of Tennessee Hemp Supply. If you have not heard of us, just wait! We were the first hemp dispensary in Tennessee. You are going to get the opportunity to know me and I am sure just like everyone else in my life you will either love me or hate me. We will see where you stand and if you are still reading this, you might be starting to love me! I got the nickname The Hemp Man because after channel 5 news came and interviewed me when we opened the first store people started recognizing me in the community. A few people started saying to me in public, “hey, you’re the Hemp Man”. I was uncomfortable about it at first, but honestly, I am starting to like it. If they recognize me as the hemp man they are paying attention to the benefits of hemp and CBD. We get questions every day at our wellness centers that are really meant for doctors. However, doctors are not necessarily interested in the Endocannabinoid System and the benefits one receives from ingesting cannabis. We answer our client’s questions as honestly as we can to build trust with our clients. I tell our employees all the time if you don’t know about the symptoms or illness our clients are suffering from tell them that and work with them to understand how CBD can benefit their symptoms. I have found that people appreciate when you tell them you don’t know an answer but you are willing to find the answer to help. We are passionate about providing Tennessee grown wellness. Our slogan is “We Provide Tennessee Grown Wellness” and we are very serious about this mission.

Brandon and I started this business on June 9th in Murfreesboro, TN. We currently have four locations and a 5th one coming on line in a few weeks in Germany. I will obviously talk a lot about THS, CBD and Hemp in my blog but I will also be venting about life and such. CBD has changed my life!! I hear this everyday from our clients, from our employees, and from articles online. CBD has changed my life!! CBD has tremendous anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects on the human body. We have been part of helping tens of thousands of people in the middle Tennessee area with many different symptoms.

We have a saying thanks to Christopher White “Sharks Don’t Sleep”! We live by this motto every day. We have put in 16-18 hours every single day to make this company what it is so far. Brandon Harris is nothing short of amazing. He is slow and methodical at his tasks. He is a perfect yin to my yang in the business world. We are business partners and he is a perfect compliment to all of my deficiencies. We compliment each other so well and he is so patient with my wired-up balls to the walls attitude.

I appreciate anyone who has read this far into this blog, I will learn how to be better at this aspect in life as well. Remember Sharks don’t sleep and I need to go back out and make another huffing and puffing session around the block and get my arse to THS I.