Good evening folks. Well that routine I have talked about has its challenges right away. We have opened our 24-hour window and yours truly has been manning the station overnight. This 24-hour window will allow us to be here for our clientele at any time. Anxiety does not understand normal time schedules and pain due from inflammation does not understand people need sleep. Tennessee Hemp Supply will be open and available to you. I would just like to give a shout out to all the people who work swing shifts! Holy crap how do you do it? I am having trouble even understanding who I am right now trying to function at 3am! Sleeping at 1pm! This is no way to live in my opinion but hey Sharks don’t sleep. Brandon York, you sir are a mad man. Constantly changing shifts and being ever present in your family’s life is very admirable. If you aren’t reading this, you should be. So much happens daily here at THS and we are ever expanding. We must constantly stay ahead of the curve when it comes to bettering our company. Our CFO Hunter Doo is a great kid, he is 22 and breaks every stereotype you would ever have about a millennial. His work ethic is second to none and we are damn lucky to have found him. He is not just our CFO, he has done so much to help our daily work flow smoothly on so many fronts. Brandon and I cannot say enough nice things about this kid. THS is a better place because of him.

I can’t wait for Halloween, I am going home for a week! I need to spend the time with my precious family. This has been so hard on them, I am working hard but Kristen and little T have had to continue with their life with me just all the sudden gone. We all three understand that this sacrifice is helping so many people, but it doesn’t always make it easier. I will never get the 4 months back of little T’s 5 year old year. He changes so fast it breaks my heart to know that I have missed so much. Insert the cat’s in the cradle song here! *tears* I trust my gut constantly and I am teaching my son and many more people what it take to truly live the Sharks Don’t Sleep lifestyle.