Happy Friday folks! Made it through the week and now this is when sharks really start eating. We are open 24/7 starting tonight at Murfreesboro and you already know that I’m going to be the first one working the late shift. We are offering 20% off after 10pm for the next week to promote the 24-hour window. We are constantly pushing the envelope of wellness. We want people to be comfortable receiving their wellness which is why we will be offering delivery through We Deliver service very soon. This week has been busy as heck and we have pushed Clarksville store to the upper Cumberland people and more to come. We have a meeting with Dani who owns our outstanding website development company AMrocket. Brandon is getting ready to head back to Germany for a month. Time is FLYING by!

As always, I sure miss my family. This is a very hard situation for me and Kristen and Little T. I have missed 4 months of his 5th year on this earth and I will never get them back. The sacrifice I am making for the enrichment of my family and Tennesseans is great and we are proud of it. I ran around the block again today, it is a short block, but it has set the tone for the day and I will extend this jog next week. I got a late start today because I knew I needed to power up for a very long night.

I would like to give a shout out to the suburban that I own. We bought this truck over 5 years ago and it had 187,000 miles on it and we purchased for $3100 cash. Today this truck has 343,000 miles and going strong. I have run this thing all over middle Tennessee and the upper Cumberland and this thing just keeps pushing. Sharks don’t sleep right; well suburban you are a freaking shark! No radio, those who know me know why there is no radio. That story is for another blog. I got to run to get ready for the meeting at 2. Glad you guys got to hear from me today. Have a great weekend, get up and do some Shark like behavior.