Sharks don’t sleep, and my suburban has answered the bell everyday for the past 5 years. Today at mile marker 112 in the great state of Alabama she gave up. I was in the fast lane running a smooth 80 mph when I just lost power. She allowed me to coast for almost a mile when she finally gave up. 80 miles from the house. A little background on this outstanding piece of machinery. I bought this truck about 6 years ago for $3100 and it had 187,000 miles. Today she has 348,317 miles, and now we sit on the side of the road. Sure, I could have taken better care of this vehicle and it probably would have broken down much sooner. She knew the relationship we had, and she pushed just as hard as I do every day. I said just last week that if she broke down tomorrow, I would just reach up and pat her on the dash and say you did good ole girl, now rest, you have done your job. Ill continue the fight with another girl although I don’t know if she will ever be as good as this suburban. Rest easy Burban.

Another successful day spreading Tennessee Grown Wellness. I had a great meeting with Joose Vapor owners Greg and Tresha. We had a good meeting and then they took me to a good ole country restaurant and we had a nice lunch. We look forward to spreading wellness to the good people of southwest Tennessee. I have a big meeting with Starship Enterprises and we are trying to stock their 22 stores with Tennessee Hemp Supply hemp and CBD products. We are also the sub distributor of CalyFX in TN, GA, and TX. This vape system has been giving people tremendous effects. We are so proud to be associated with what this company is trying to do.

Kristen and Little Hemp Man are almost here to rescue me off the side of the road. I can’t wait to see them and love on my little snaggletooth boy.