Merry Christmas! I am so thankful to be home on this this Christmas eve. My team is holding down the stores. I am also so thankful for my loyal dedicated employees. We have a wonderful staff that is going to continue to improve. Tennessee Hemp Supply is just getting started, we will continue to improve every day. We have had a great day getting ready for Santa. Trinity is so excited and the magic that is in his head is so special and like nothing you will ever experience again. We bought a helium shark that flies with a remote control, he is going to be beside himself when he sees this shark. He asked me the other day on the phone, Dad are you spreading the word that sharks don’t sleep in Tennessee? He said well I am spreading the word that sharks don’t sleep here in Georgia. This boy believes that sharks don’t sleep and when it comes time for him to really understand it, he will be prepared. We have Mimi spending the night tonight and we don’t have to get up and drive 45 minutes at 6am in the morning. This is the first time we have not had to get up and travel to her house in 16 years. New traditions, maybe, if not spending time with family is wonderful. Missing some of the family but I can’t solve every problem. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to see the wonderful excitement and magic of Santa Claus. I got Brandon a business card holder that is engraved with his name on it and the phrase: “sharks don’t sleep”! If you’re in the Newnan area make sure to visit Morgan’s Jewelry, Jeff has always been there for any jewelry need.

We are coming back up to have a Christmas party on the 27th with the employees. We will be rolling out the CalyFX vape pens to the other stores to start the new year. If you have not tried these vape pens, you are missing out. I am so pumped up about 2019 and what wonderful things we hope to accomplish. Please have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year and lets crush 2019!! Sharks don’t sleep!