YEESSSS, I made it all the way around the block in a continuous jog! That is 5 times out since starting back up, 5K will be soon! My calf tried to cramp but I was able to push through to finish the marathon (1/4 of a mile)! I feel so much better in just a short amount of time making good decisions. I WILL continue to push myself in this aspect of my life as well.

My son Little T got his first report card and Honeybunny and I went over the report card. Before Trinity went to bed they called as always, and I told Trinity that I saw his report card, and the sweet little thing said, what is a report card. You will find out soon enough! I sure miss my family! I am working at making them a better life.

I went to Clarksville yesterday and a 1.5-hour drive took 3 hours due to a poor soul that crashed into another truck. They had to shut down the interstate and everyone had to go around. Can you imagine how hard it was for most of you drivers out there to stay out of the left lane on the 2-lane highway?! We toured through north Tennessee on the back roads for a while and I made it to my appointment and hour and 15 minutes late. I did have a great interview with the Leaf Chronicle newspaper. Clarksville had its best day in a week or so, I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was there and made several videos about the Clarksville store. You just never know what is going to work. I do know the more people we share our experience with the better. We have a chamber of commerce event tonight to get the word out about Tennessee Hemp Supply. I am not terribly confident in a chambers power or efforts but hopefully Clarksville Chamber of Commerce is better than Newnan’s Chamber.

We went out last night to do some late-night marketing at a few bars. Alcohol does some predictable and terrible things to people’s attitude. We bumped into at least 3 different very rude people. Many people recognized us and quite honestly, I think two of the guys were just haters. We said our piece and left, Shawn, Brandon, and Will were with me and they experienced some of the alcohol occupied people. Then you talk to the next person and they are just so thankful that we are doing what we are doing. So just like always we will keep swimming and attacking every opportunity. The 24-hour window will be open Friday night!!

Get out there and eat every opportunity like it is your last. Sharks don’t sleep is an every second of the day attitude and you must keep swimming to survive! Sharks Don’t Sleep!