Addiction has been on the rise as of late. And, while it is nothing new, it seems as though the ways we have been battling it are well, a little outdated. As a matter of fact, most ways just lead to other types of addiction. Nothing seems to be working, and it’s becoming a crisis. Research shows that there may be a healthier alternative to kicking almost any habit.

The hardest thing about recovery is withdrawal. The mental symptoms alone are enough to make an addict give up. Adding depression and anxiety to difficulty breathing, stomach, and muscle aches, vomiting and tremors, it’s not difficult to see why relapsing continues to occur.

Research has shown that CBD treats all of these symptoms individually. One study shows that just one week of transdermal administering of CBD oil can deter you from relapsing for up to five months. CBD helps strengthen cognitive functions, which will alleviate depression and suppress anxiety. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, making it a pain reliever.

It seems that in finding a way to treat the symptoms of withdrawal, in a non-habit-forming way, may be the answer we have been searching for. Drug addiction is devastating for families. People have a hard time rising above their addictions. Now we see that the excruciating process of withdrawal doesn’t necessarily have to be something you must experience. By alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal, CBD may have found a way to help people kick the habit once and for all.