I left my computer here in Murfreesboro and was not able to blog. Lots happened, I got to spend time with Little T and my lovely wife. Started with Halloween, we went to some friend’s neighborhood to trick or treat. Trinity was a skeleton that glowed in the dark and he had a blast. The wonder and excitement of a child is so uplifting. I went fishing several days with my dad which was fun, and we caught a few fish. Trinity and I had a boy’s day on Friday, we kept him home from school. We had breakfast and then went to Monkey Joes for a few hours. Had some lunch and came back to go for a bike ride. We played some Uno, Trinity is just like his dad he can play this game at a high level at a young age! We are constantly boosting his confidence and we always want him to understand he can do ANYTHING he makes his mind up to do. He just must give the effort and tenacity that it takes to succeed. I left him a note that said I missed him each day I was gone. Then I said to him and if they ask you where you live, you tell them up the hill. Nothing can stop me! I’m all the way up! If you are not familiar with these lyrics, it’s a Fat Joe song. It just has a great message that he knows to mean nothing can stop him. I cried like a baby writing that simple note, I am so proud and wish that I could be there more often to watch him grow. It was great to get home and spend some much-needed time with them.

It’s amazing how much slower things move back home. We have so much to do daily to stay on top. We are bound and determined to provide top level education, care, and products to the Tennesseans. We have constant new flower coming in constantly. Brandon is back in Germany, he is sick and concentrating on the German language, but he will get the German store up and going in just a few weeks. We have taken on a minority partner that is going to help make us more professional in every way. Our managers understand where we are headed and why, they are loyal and believe in our vision. I see them saying things about sharks and when they are tired they talk about sharks not sleeping. We have gotten some great feedback from our customers, we are helping kids with ADHD and anxiety. We are helping elderly people with pain and inflammation. It is just incredible to be leading this movement and making sure we stay ahead of the curve. Now that I have my computer back I will be back to writing blogs more often. I am also working on a book to tell the story so far…coming soon! Sharks Don’t Sleep!!