CBD Bath Products

There are many CBD-infused products on the market to pamper yourself, including soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. Since bath products introduce CBD to your body topically, this is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without ingesting anything. CBD bath salt. Tennessee Hemp Suppy Bath bombs have only become readily available this year and are the most luxurious option on the list—some of them even bring a little fizz to bath time.

CBD Isolate

CBD Professional Body butter. Tennessee Hemp Suppy

CBD isolate is the cannabidiol reduced to a fine, pure, crystalline powder, which is powerful and incredibly versatile. It can be taken sublingually when first added to coconut oil, or you can experiment by incorporating it into foods, smoothies, body creams, suppositories, and more. The greatest benefit of using the isolate in cooking and creating your own products is the control the isolate gives you in determining the exact amount you are infusing your homemade food or beauty product with.

CBD Tincture

CBD Pain repellent. Tennessee Hemp Suppy

A tincture is different than an oil in that it is more highly concentrated, can only be taken orally, and should not be administered through a vaporizer as it may cause damage to your vape. It is also believed that it works more quickly than other CBD products and is, therefore, quite handy when one starts to feel panic or social anxiety descending. This highly concentrated form of CBD is made by steeping cannabis flowers in high-proof grain alcohol, then, boiling the alcohol off so that the molecules in the plant bind with the remaining liquid, creating the powerful tincture.