Good morning, Fall is in the air and I love it. I had a Charlie horse in my calf last night and had to rub Bell Buckle Body Butter on it to relieve the pain. Bell Buckle Body Butter is our muscle and joint topical at Tennessee Hemp Supply. It is made with coconut oil, shae butter, askasoy wax, and 99.7% pure CBD. We do not find a need to add in so many other ingredients. We are going to launch a new line of body butter that has even more CBD in it for more intense pain. If you have not tried our Bell Buckle Body Butter you should as soon as possible. We have offered samples to over 10,000 people that have come into the store and only a handful have walked out and said it didn’t relieve at least some inflammation. This product is what completely sold me on CBD and the power of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Ok Tennesseans, I have a question from a Georgia boy here. Why in the hell will you not get out of the left lane??? It is like people think they are supposed to stay in the left-hand lane unless they need to pass, that is when they get in the right-hand lane. You act surprised when I go around you and get right in front of you and then distance myself from you immediately. I understand I am a hell raiser because I driver 5-10 miles an hour over the speed limit but just know you going 5 miles an hour below the speed limit in the fast lane is MUCH more dangerous than me going a little over the speed limit. Some of you may not know and judging by the way you drive you don’t, there is a law against just riding in the left lane. Many of you need to lower your cars and let your seat back and go cruising in the RIGHT lane!!! The long and the short of it is you need to get the HELL out of the left-hand lane!! Act like there is a sale on big orange just up the road and you need to be in the right-hand lane to go get your UT on. So, what have we learned? GET OUT OF THE LEFT HAND LANE!!!!

As CEO of this start up company there are many challenges everyday and one of the hardest parts is deciding what task to handle next. I am writing this blog to get the word out about CBD and Hemp. I am also writing this blog to get some consistency in my day. I am going to get up and exercise every morning and try to write at least a little bit. We just finished our best week at Tennessee Hemp Supply. We have all 4 stores up and running full steam and now it is time to fine tune every store to make sure we are providing Tennessee Grown Wellness every day. Even though you do not know how to driver on a 4 lane highway we still want to help you get a wonderful product and the education to go with it.

Enjoy your day and always remember SHARKS DON’T SLEEP!!!