Good morning Sharks. I am watching Rodney Beech and Robert Jackson on 105.1 the wolf bubba J’s morning show. Robert is broadcasting live currently, and it was a great spot. They have said Tennessee Hemp Supply a ton of times!! Great job boys! I am so glad we have partnered with Global 8.0 water; these guys are straight sharks! I am so impressed. Our alkaline water is so good and just adding the 12mg of CBD has just made it a dynamite product. This is just one of the many awesome products that are available at Tennessee hemp supply. So, the long and short of this is Relax.

Went for another jog this morning. I am recreating the habit. You must push yourself every day; and getting out of bed to start the day with exercise and this blog is going to give me the winning combination. I must go to Clarksville today for an interview with The Leaf Chronicle newspaper. We must promote the Clarksville store and this week they are getting some of our attention. Middle Tennessee Hemp Co. going out of business has given us a small uptick in business in the Murfreesboro store. We have had tremendous reviews from their customers. We are doing it right at Tennessee hemp supply. We are going to continue to push every day to get better at providing wellness in our stores. Last night we got some new flower in and we are calling it Fin Frenzy. If you can’t figure out why, then you have not been paying attention. (Sharks don’t sleep) Brandon is sitting here working on the new flags for the Clarksville store. We printed some signs, but the information was to small to see from the road. We have a good bit of traffic going by the store and they don’t even know we are there.

More on this working out and eating healthy crap. I am constantly blown away by how GREAT this way of life makes you feel. It takes away a part of my life that I enjoy which is eating crap that is terrible for me but tastes good. Those few moments of satisfaction while eating does not outweigh the all day “high” you get from ingesting healthy choices and just a bit of exercise. Sorry to talk about it so much but I must “sell out in order to buy in!” Kristopher White This man instilled what I thought was just a saying. Sharks don’t sleep, well whether this is true or not, actually thinking that way all day will push you to achieve and succeed in every minute of your day. I cannot explain in words the power of this saying and this way of life. If you sell out in order to buy in it will change your life. You can’t think of how tired I am or what someone else is doing it is all about what you are doing and how you are attacking every minute to capitalize on every opportunity. This way of life will become contagious to other people. You will turn people off with your new-found confidence and work ethic. Jealousy will become a reality against you in your life. If anyone is jealous or is a hater because you are attacking life this way, then you didn’t need them in your life anyway. I really like the saying “hustle till your hater ask if you’re hiring” you will have haters with this way of life. Some of my haters have known me for 25 years, you freaking know who you are! I am still very disappointed in this person, they damn well know better and should have treated me much differently. His f’ing loss. He is the loser and the self-righteous one, but I digress! Sharks don’t sleep.

Have a great day and go attack the day like a shark. When you choose to live this way of living you will grow from a nurse shark to a megalodon! Sharks Don’t Sleep!